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Approvals, Utilization, Status & Sales

March 26th, 2010 at 07:45 am

I got approved for a credit card through Sovereign Bank, less than a month after getting my horrible BoA "loan" (which it wasn't…it was a line of credit w/a variable rate…it was at 22% but I digress) BT'd to a Discover loan (which is an actual installment loan with a fixed 10.99% rate).

I also got my line of credit on my Best Buy card raised (there is no balance on the card, and probably never will be, but more credit = better utilization scores).

So in less than a month I transferred $13,000 off the BoA line of credit… that line of credit is still open and is a credit line of $23,300. I got approved for a $15,000 loan from Discover which has since been paid down to $12,500 AND got approved for an $1800 increase with Best Buy and a $5000 Sovereign card.

My utilization has never been better. Smile

I should be rid of unsecured debt within 2 years. Then I may or may not start overpaying my car loan depending on how much I have in savings. It will be almost done at that point anyway.

Unsecured debt and building up savings are my priorities right now. (The car is at like 2% interest so I'm just not that concerned).

@At this point my unsecured debt totals:
$12,500 on the Discover Loan at 10.99%

@My savings totals:
$3055 (I really REALLY need to work on this)

My March Ebay totals came to $387. Short of my $400 goal. I might take some stuff to Bullmoose (cds, video games) to sell on Saturday to try and make up the extra to get to $400 from selling stuff before April 1st. I don't need that much so it could happen.

April Ebay I am going to start off with a collectible item which I think could bring over $100 by itself. We shall see.

I might lower my goal for April to $350 but I hate lowering my standards.

3 Responses to “Approvals, Utilization, Status & Sales”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Black diamond, how (or why) did you chose that name for yoursefl??

  2. blackdiamond Says:

    Because it's my favorite gemstone and the stone in my engagement ring. I was very psyched when my fiance picked it out. It showed me that he actually chose something he knew I'd like and not just something cookie cutter.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Well, that is pretty neat!

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