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I'm tired :(

April 8th, 2010 at 07:53 pm

I had a bad night.

I will not do $100 (my weekly goal) from selling my belongings next week. As you know, I have set and reached this goal so far every week this year, often exceeding it.

I am so tired though. I have been doing a double workload at my 9-5, taking Saturday overtime even, trying to put together my fiance's bday, putting together his Easter candy last week, getting my niece a bday gift, and getting my good friend a baby shower gift.

I worked all day last Saturday. Then I put together FI's Easter basket. It was worth it to see how happy he was. Then Sunday I drove 2 hours each way to my parents for Easter. Monday I lugged Ebay shipments into downtown Boston on the subway because I couldn't mail them Saturday. All week I have been working full time, two workloads at work. Due to the floods our homeowners team needed help. So I am helping while at the same time doing my real job.

Tonight is my normal Ebay posting night. Nothing went right. My computer crashed 6 times. My photos wouldn't upload to Ebay. Then my camera couldn't connect to the computer. It took my 4 hours to just get 3 listings and even if they all sell, it's not likely that they will exceed more than $50.

My auctions ending tonight have no bids. But I already made over $100 this week anyway between selling at the used cd store and my earlier in the week auctions. $106.36 to be exact. I'm at $218.81 for the month.

I know I should stay awake and post more but I am so tired.

Tomorrow I have to work both my real job and help homeowners again.

Then I have to drive my roommate home because his car died again. I suspect that I will be a chauffer for parts of the weekend too. He has no money to rent a car. I should just say no.

Then after that, I have to go get FI's last bday present because I forgot to pick it up tonight.

Then I have to come home and bake a cake.
And wrap presents.
Before he gets here at 11 pm.

I feel bad because my BFF downstairs rented a movie for us and was hoping we'd watch it tomorrow. That is simply not going to happen.

My last bi weekly paycheck was $1265. That was an extra $44 for 2 hours of OT that I did last time. Also, I got $60 worth of Target gift card from work merit rewards. Used them to buy most of FI gift and my friends baby shower. Not a lot of cash spent.

My friend is coming over Monday to work on my computer and try to fix it.

I am so tired. Frown I feel like I wasted the whole night fighting with a camera and bad connection. At least I'll have an entire Saturdays worth of OT pay in my next paycheck.

2 Responses to “I'm tired :( ”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Try not to let tech glitches lead you to beat yourself up emotionally - for something that isn't your fault! I had something similar happen this week with a document I was trying to scan (so I could just go to BED!)... but it took like 5 or 6 tries. I was ready to throw that machine out the window! Also, it will be nice to have the insurance of some extra money from your Saturday OT, so that is something to look forward to. Good luck, and I hope that the computer plays nicer with you tomorrow!

  2. blackdiamond Says:

    Thanks Jerry. My friend is coming over tonight to check out my computer and try to fix it.

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